Just four of this year's tawny owlets


If you find a sick, injured or orphaned wild animal or bird and don't quite know what to do.  Here's a few tips.


Please act quickly and:-

1.  Keep it warm

2.  Keep it quiet

3.  Keep it secure



REMEMBER, a donation to our wildlife rescue is NOT compulsory, but the creature you bring in may need weeks, if not months of specialist care, medicines and foods, so please make a donation if you possibly can.  It really does make a difference.


October and it's the Autumn Juveniles as hedgehogs give birth to their 2nd litter of babies

July 2014

June 2014

MAY 2014

The Spring Orphan season started early this year due to the mild winter and the Rescue is now like a revolving door

May 2014 and we have had one Tawny Owl baby after another admitted into Rescue.  We currently have six and all are doing well.
It must however be stated that Tawny Owlets leave the nest before they can fly.  They may be on the ground or on a branch, but their mother is close by.  Please do not take a tawny owl away from its nest site.  If the baby is sick or injured or definitely orphaned, ie, its mum has been killed, then we will take it. Otherwise please just leave it alone. 
The same can be said for baby blackbirds, hares (leverets) and fawns (deer).  The best start in life for any young mammal or bird is to be raised by its natural parents. 

APRIL 2014

Two baby tawny owls and one adult tawny owl admitted in the last two weeks!

Spring has finally sprung and lots of babies are now being admitted into rescue.

Meet Little Ted the tawny owl, found huddled, alone and very scared near a patio door.  Ted has a mouth infection and is being treated by Minster Vets, York. Ted eats finely chopped up mouse, dipped in water and vitamins.  He is doing well, but it's still early day.


Tawnies leave the nest before they can fly, so ordinarily would not take in a baby tawny.  However, on this occasion, little Ted is very ill, and the Rescue is his only chance.


Ted was quickly joined by baby Charlie, who is younger than Ted and much more fluffier.  He seems to have the same mouth infection as Ted.  Both are now doing well.



Spring has arrived and so has the first orphaned fox cub.  Meet little Solo, who arrived from the Dogs Trust in Leeds.  Solo was found in a garden and was thought to be a puppy, so was taken to the Dogs Trust.

Staff immediately saw that the little puppy was indeed a fox cub and brought him to us.

It may have been that the vixen was moving her family and was disturbed.  If the little cub had been  left alone, she would probably have returned to collect it.

Solo is doing extremely well and is chubby and round.  He will probably be moved to a Wildlife Rescue who have numerous cubs the same age as Solo.  It is very important that he grows up with his own kind and learns all the skills needed for his life in the wild.


Rosie and Archie, the two little collared doves, who were also hatched from eggs when mum was killed, are now adolescents in comparison to the new arrivals.  They are 42 days old and will shortly be leaving us for the outside aviary.

Archie is looking very grown up now, whilst Rosie is extremely pretty and loves to preen and keep her feathers nice !

We have two sets of baby doves in at the moment. All are doing well and putting on weight nicely.  They are crop fed Kaytee Exact, with their first feed between 6am or 7am.  They are then fed again once their crop empties.

Poorly Pete the little hedgehog, found collapsed in mud has put on weight and was doing extremely well. However, today he has developed a bad cough.  I think his health will always be compromised due to his bad start in life.

Hazel the baby bunny has also put on weight and is extremely wild.  She loves the black drainpipe which replicates as near as we can, to her natural home underground.  She has moss and bark and lots of things which she would find in the wild.  She will be returned to the place where she was found once she is a little bit bigger.

A beautiful little chaffinch came in over the weekend with a dippy wing.  Although the wing isn’t broken, it isn’t sitting right, so more investigation is needed.

Our other little collared dove, attacked by a predator and suffered dreadful wounds, has recently improved and is now able to stand.  Again this may be a borderline case, but all our little patients are given the best possible chance.

And all this before the REAL orphan season begins, 





Over Christmas and the New Year period, the wildlife rescue admitted a number of large birds of prey.  Some of which we had no experience of handling, including a captive Gyr/Saker falcon which had escaped from its owner.

In order to gain more experience of handling and caring for these birds, Annette has embarked on the LANTRA Falconry course and is seen here handling her first Harris Hawk, Whisky.

FEBRUARY 2014 !!!


Well, the second egg has now hatched so we have two tiny babies.  They are being crop fed with a syringe and fed again once their crop empties.  The babies are very tiny and fragile, so it’s too early to say how things will go, but hopefully they will make it.

January 30th 2014

This is a very sad tale. 

A family in York had been watching a little collared dove nesting in their garden.   She chose a leafless tree in which to build her frugal nest.  This made her very easy to see, especially by sharp eyed predators.  The dove laid two eggs and whilst sitting on her eggs along came a sparrowhawk and killed her.

The family went to the nest and took the two eggs which they very carefully kept warm on the Aga.  One of the eggs hatched and out popped a chick which was alive.

Later that evening the family brought the chick and the remaining unhatched egg to us.

We are not sure what is going to happen now.  Whether the egg will hatch and indeed whether we are able to save the babies.  The little chick weighs only 8g and is very tricky to crop feed as she is so tiny.  However, as always, we will do our best.

Caroline the Hedgehog visits the Emmerdale Village

On Saturday 12th October we visited the Emmerdale village with two of our hedgehogs, Emily and Caroline.  A forthcoming storyline (screened 27 November) includes a little hedgehog being taken to the vets by a small girl.  Caroline, a hand reared hedgehog was chosen due to her nice nature and inquisitiveness.  It was a really interesting day and hopefully we have raised awareness in hedgehog issues.

Annette releases the two Little Owls in 50 acres of ancient woodland

The story of Rocky the little owl, allegedely strung up in a tree by a gang of young boys, has touched the hearts of many.  Calls have been received from as far away as the USA.  A Dr. in London has pledged another £200 to take the reward money up to a whopping £1,000.


Since this horrific incident, Rocky's fortunes have changed dramatically.  Not only is he now able to fly, he has also found a mate.  Another little owl arrived from a Vets in Howden, East Yorkshire.  Billie is younger than Rocky, but they seem to be doing okay together.


If that wasn't enough, Rocky and Billie have been offered a home in a private 500 acre ancient woodland.


Thank you to everyone who has helped with Rocky's recovery, for the good wishes and messages of support.  It is much appreciated.


Thank you also to the Media, the Press in York and the Yorkshire Evening Post who have supported us and run this story and brought it to the attention of their loyal readers.  We are eternally grateful for all support.

MORE ORPHANS arriving this week including 4 newly hatched chicks rescued by the Selby Fire Brigade who were tackling a loft fire.  Blind, featherless and totally helpless, these babies are now doing fine.

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Annette with Selby Wildlife's Display at the Wildlife Habitation Protection Trust's Spring Day at Church Fenton

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